Hollywood Today Live Cast 2017

Hollywood Today Live was designed to innovate the way in which entertainment news are delivered these days. According to the CEO of BiteSize Hollywood Today Live was designed to make a difference and to reinvigorate the industry. This is an online offer that was released in 2014 as a test run and it became very popular ever since. Hollywood today live cast is formed by unknowns in the industry, they are Ross Mathews, Garcelle Beauvais, Ali Landry, Tanner Thomason and Amanda Salas.

You can send questions and suggestions via social media to interact and be part of the show. You can watch the clips in the website and find a local station that allows you to watch the programs live according to your area. The show is live from the very heart of Hollywood and it provides a different and interesting insight. Fun and provocative, every show has a duration of about an hour delivering trending news with humor and from a different perspective.

If you want to get to know everything that is happening the pop culture today, learn Hollywood secrets and have some laughs you definitely must watch Hollywood Today Live, there are also in studio interviews to celebrities and invited experts on fitness, food and fashion.

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