how many moons does jupiter have

As a researcher, I have always been a curious person and I like to know a lot about the world, the universe and how things function. Recently, I couldn’t stop thinking about our surrounding universe and I got really deep into this subject. One night, as I was about to sleep, a pretty serious question popped into my mind: how many moons does jupiter have? So, I went to the nearest library and found out that this question has a lot of answers. Why? well because this planet has a lot of moons which cannot be seen. This means that there are all sorts of answers to this one particular question.

However, even though I learned that it doesn’t exist a correct answer to how many satellites Jupiter has, I got a close response from a  sciece magazine. Within this magazine, I found that there are about sixty moons (or so) of Jupiter. It is important to note that the real question here is not the number of satellites but how many can be seen by the human being. I’ll leave that question to you. And, if you know it, please let me know. Good luck!

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