largest economies in the world

To know which is the richest country in the world is not an easy task. In fact, it is measured by very different indexes. One of these indexes sums up which are the largest economies in the world. Regarding this subject, there are ten countries which are located in the following continents: Asia, America, and Europe. For example, the income per capita in Brazil is located in the eight position of the ranking. Then, countries like India or China are below on the list but are also within the ten most important economies in the world. Also, Japan, Germany, and the United States are listed. 

A lot of economists out there claim that this list will change throughout the years and, in fact, China is meant to outdo the United States in just a few years. This is due to the fact that China’s population is bigger than America’s population. And, for this subject, the quantity does matter. So, is China bigger than the United States? It is a complicated subject due to the growing amount of population in the Asian country. 

Let’s wait and see what happens with the economy in the U.S during the next years and, then, we can talk about projections. 

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