SNL Schoolhouse Rocks

SNL schoolhouse rocks parody went viral when it underwent major revision. This animated short film were aired by ABC and were very educational as they focused on a wide variety of themes as grammar, mathematics, history, civics and economics. They were first aired fro 1975 to 1985 and there was a revival mixing old and new episodes during 1993 and 1999. Ten years later, there was a direct to video release and they are still topics of conversation, as some episodes were very popular.

One of these popular episodes is without a doubt the I Am Just A Bill Episode of 1975 in which a cartoon bill explains what needs to happen in congress for it to become a law. In the episode, the bill sang a song about the process of a bill passing the House and the Senate in order to reach president approval and become a law. Since its release, it became an instant classic.

One of the most popular parodies, besides the one made by The Simpson, is Saturday Night Live parody, where they have re written the classic to make it fit to immigration debate. In the new carton, SNL includes president Obama pushing down a bill three time, while executive orders are commanded easily.

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